Colleen Rothschild pregnancy safe products + flash sale

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You all know I’m a CR fan. (I’ve even got my entire family using it!) So today I thought I would give you an update on Colleen Rothschild pregnancy safe products and highlight that starting today there’s a FLASH SALE till the 31st. It’s a great way to purchase their moisturizers on sale!

Non pregnancy favorites (all on sale!)

Colleen Rothschild best moisturizers

During pregnancy, there are some ingredients that is best to avoid, specifically retinol, which is in several of my favorite CR products. You know why — because it WORKS! So after pregnancy/breastfeeding these are the Colleen Rothschild products I CAN’T WAIT to go back too…

*ON SALE* Sheer Renewal Cream$55 Reg. / $44 — Oil-free instant hydration. I like to use it during the summer!

*ON SALE* Extreme Recovery Cream$75 Reg. / $56 — A MUST for dry skin. It really leaves my skin completely moisturized.

*ON SALE* Face Oil N°9$85 Reg. / $64 — A non-greasy luxurious oil. I combine it with the cream above in the winter. Truly the ONLY oil that doesn’t break me out either!

Dual Enzyme Polish — Leaves your skin GLOWING. I use it once or twice a week.

Colleen Rothschild pregnancy safe products

Colleen Rothschild pregnancy safe products

During pregnancy there are so many foods and products that are recommended that you stay away from. The SECOND I found out I was pregnant I put away any products containing retinol or salicylic acid and started to look for alternatives. Luckily my favorite anti-aging serum from CR was free of retinol and safe to use.

Best pregnancy safe eye cream

Colleen Rothschild pregnancy safe products
*ON SALE* Complete Eye Cream – $65 Reg. / $48

My other go-to pregnancy product has been this Complete Eye Cream. It fights wrinkles, fine lines, under-eye circles, puffiness and loss of elasticity… all without retinol!

Best way to have a momma-to-be spa day

colleen rothschild cleansing balm
Old photo but proof that I’ve been using this cleansing balm for YEARS!

Since this momma-to-be is trying to pamper herself as much as possible (before I never sleep again) I love to use this cleansing balm for my weekly spa night sessions. And if you love it too, be sure to check out this jumbo size which is a great value!

How to use Radiant Cleansing Balm: “Place balm in clean, dry hands then rub together to warm product. Apply to dry skin and massage all over face. Wet muslin cloth with hot water and wring damp. Place over skin for a mini-facial, then use to wipe off balm. Follow with a splash of cool water to leave you glowing. “

What’s on my nightstand (on sale!)

Colleen Rothschild hand cream
*ON SALE* Restorative Hand Cream – $28 Reg. / $19

During my first trimester my hands were so DRY. It was one of those weird things that happens during pregnancy, I guess. Love how soothing this Restorative Hand Cream is — I keep it on my nightstand.

#1 selling hair mask is BACK

This mask can’t stay in stock! It been so popular because it detangles without weighing hair down, which is a must when I have my extension in. Have you tried it?

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