Finding the best fitting bras

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I know what’s in your underwear drawer…

No, I’m not a creep.   And I haven’t been snooping around your things.  BUT if you are like me then, I know it’s filled with mostly old and ill-fitting bras that you don’t like.  I know how the cycle begins.  First you see one that you like, then try it on, think “it fits ok” and take it home.  Later you try it on again and find it completely unflattering and uncomfortable.  So it gets thrown to the back of your drawer never to be worn again.

I constantly had that problem.  My issue was “the gap” and every bra would do that on me.  I didn’t know until recently that it was because my size wasn’t being made.  I’m a half size!  Luckily I’ve found a brand that specializes in solving this problem.

I’ve discovered the the best fitting bras with Thirdlove.  They’ve made my bra problems a thing of the past.  Having the option of half sizes, means finding a bra that perfectly fits me.  All their bras are designed and customized to end your bra sizing dilemma.  Instead of wearing the same old bra (you know, the sad nude one that goes with everything) I now have options that are not only stylish but actually fit me properly.

My morning outfit struggles are over, as is my overfilled underwear drawer.  Now I have an edited collection of bras that work under everything.  (Even an open back sweater!)  I even have one that’s so pretty that I love showing off the back of it…

back lace bra

Wearing the 24/7™ Classic T-shirt Bra

Wearing the Perfect Contour Plunge


I never found a more perfect fitting bra, which makes me very proud to partner with Thirdlove on this post — XO