why I love a statement top and what I’m really trying to hide

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Statement tops are kind of my thing.  I simply LIVE for a top that has amazing detailing… and this one does.  I’m not a huge jewelry person so I prefer my outfit to stand out.  And how amazing is this pom pom trim top I’m wearing today

pom pom trim top

Since we’re talking about tops one of the hardest things (for me at least) is a cute top for spring and summer… that has sleeves.  I’ve always hated my arms.  Maybe it’s because growing up looking at fashion magazines I always wanted tiny model-like arms.  And I have muscular ones.  I know I should be thankful that I have strong arms but it’s just been something I prefer to hide…

pom pom trim top, clare v bag

This top is truly a standout piece and it comes in these other colors above too!

why I love a statement top for spring white leather lace up heels

Now why am I admitting this to you?  Probably because that’s where my love of statement tops comes.  It’s like a lovely distraction!  But it’s kind of hard to find them.  I can find all kinds of cute tops in the spring and summer months but they tend to be sleeveless which is something that drives me crazy.  First of all because, yes I like to hide my arms, but also because I freeze in the summer.

pom pom trim top Sea New York, pom pom trim top, Allyson in Wonderland

That may sound like it doesn’t make sense, but anytime I go indoors somewhere in the summer it’s FREEZING.  Most of you ladies know what I mean… an office building, the grocery, the mall, really anywhere indoors the summer and I tend to find myself completely uncomfortable!  So that brings me back to the statement top I’m wearing today.  It’s a complete splurge but I know that it’s worth it because I’ve never seen anything like it.  And I can wear it with any from my favorite black pants, to white jeans, to cutoffs in the summer.

pom pom trim top, white leather lace up heels

Is there any fashion item you all struggle to find?  For me it will always be tops with sleeves and the perfect fitting jeans.  And as always the search continues!