best lipsticks for pale blondes

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I never used to wear red lipstick. Actually I stayed away from all lipstick. Growing up I only wore lip gloss because I thought my lips were too big! (Keep in mind this was before the Kardashians became famous.) It wasn’t until I went platinum blonde that I discovered the beauty of a bold and bright red lipstick.

First of all, it’s extremely flattering. The color just wakes up your face! Going platinum was the first time I discovered I was in n-e-e-d of color… because if you have pale skin and then go platinum, without makeup, you end up looking like a white sheet of paper! You gotta add some COLOR. And as someone who doesn’t like to wear much makeup, I had to learn that lipstick was a MUST! So that’s when I began experimenting with lipstick and found some favorites along the way…

best lipsticks for pale blondes

Tom Ford lipstick, Eyemart express High Street Aviator glasses
Glasses from Eyemart Express (see this post for details)
Tom Ford Cherry Lush lipstick

For a red lipstick with a touch of pink, I love Tom Ford’s “Cherry Lush” lipstick. It’s a bright vibrant, blue-based red with a hint of pink. It’s not a true red but I find it works better with most of my outfits. (Like the ones above!)

YSL red lipstick for blondes

Favorite red YSL lipsticks

My most recent favorite is the one I’m wearing above. It’s YSL’ Rouge Pur Couture The Slim Matte Lipsticks in “Strange Orange.” Now I’m not going to lie, the square shape makes it difficult to put on BUT it’s so worth it. It lasts forever due to its matte texture and has the most beautiful color.

Coffee Chanel Boy bag, Paris Eiffel Tower

My favorite lipstick brand is YSL and besides “Strange Orange” I love “Le Orange” which is basically the same but in a shiny formula. But for a more perfect red, try YSL’s “Le Rouge” which is basically a perfect red suitable for all skin tones. See it above!

Can’t forget MAC’s Ruby Woo, too!

And lastly, I’m ending with MAC because they are my second favorite and honestly, last much longer than the lipsticks I mentioned above. My favorites include: MAC’s Dragon Lady which comes in an easy to apply matte pencil, along with MAC’s Ruby Woo which is perfect for ALL hair shades and skin tones. Lastly MAC’s “Heat Wave” which has just a touch of orange is perfect for blondes like me. All these MAC formulas are semi matte which means they wear soooo much better than the more shiny formulas.

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