My PRP facial results after 3 sessions

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I’m sure many of you have heard of a vampire facial. (Thank you very much Kim Kardashian.) But if you haven’t, it’s actually called a PRP facial and I’m going to show you my PRP facial results after 3 sessions.

*What is a PRP facial?* PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Your blood platelets are high in growth hormones which when applied to the skin will stimulate cell turnover. For the vampire facial, your own blood is used to treat your skin for rejuvenation.

PRP facial results after 3 sessions

Now that I’ve had THREE of them at Skinlab Injectables in Oklahoma City I wanted to share all the results with you! First of all, if you missed my first post you MUST read it. In my post I share all the details on how it’s done along with all the gory details. (That’s right, you’ll see all the photos.) 

Honestly those photos look sooo much worse than it is. The next day I experienced my face feeling tight and dry but really that’s the worst part of it. And I love the way my skin feels a couple days later. It’s instantly plumped up. Long term I’ve noticed some of the little spots that were developing are now almost gone!

(No makeup, no filters, no retouching!)

The top is a month after my first treatment and the bottom picture is a month after my last one.

What I noticed most was that I had these little spots on my cheeks and they have faded.

As with most things, it takes time to see results. And as time passes I’m noticing more improvements in my skin. It’s definitely a treatment I know I’ll keep doing in the future and I’ll continue to share my results. Thank you Skinlab Injectables!