how to look well rested (even if you’re not) plus my honest opinion on under-eye fillers

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Let’s just get right to it… the circles under my eyes have always been a problem. I can remember as a kid people asking me if I was tired. (Nope. Just the way I look thank-you-very-much.) So over the years I’ve learned several tricks to make sure I always look well rested… even when I’m not! And just like anything with beauty, it takes a village to look your best. And maybe even some filler… specifically tear trough filler. Scroll below to learn more!

How to get a goodnight’s rest

Mask /// Pillow /// Pillow Spray

I’m lucky because I’m a gifted sleeper. For example, it generally takes me about 5 to 10 minutes to fall asleep on average. But there’s a method to my madness. The room has to be dark, cool, and with my noise machine on. I also love this pillow spray and a silk pillow case keeps me from getting wrinkles on my face. (And if my husband is up late I wear this mask.)

My favorite sheets + mattress

I sometimes feel like an infomercial when someone asks about which sheets I prefer. My favorite still are Boll & Branch sheets. They are AMAZING (and ethically made too!) Plus, each time I wash them they get even softer. I’m HOOKED! As for the mattress, we switched to a Leesa mattress. I slept on one during our trip to Montauk and really liked it. My husband and I prefer a more firm mattress so we went with the original version and have been sleeping comfortably ever since.

Hiding under-eye circles with makeup

And if you can’t get a good night’s rest, at least there’s makeup to the rescue. Three products I use everyday are: Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away, Tula’s rose glow & get it eye balm, and Rodial’s instaglam compact deluxe banana powder.

Lash extensions… I’m obsessed

Allyson in Wonderland, eye lash extensions

As you probably know by now, I’m in love with my lash extensions. They make me look wide-eyed even without makeup! If you’re in OKC I HIGHLY recommend Lash by Lash (my friends and mom even go there!) Click here for my full review and all the details.

And when all else fails… fill ‘er up. Talking about tear trough filler.

Let’s go back to the beginning where I said I always look tired. Well even with all these tricks I still look sleepy. And I really noticed it a month ago when I was filming a video for IG. (See above.)

getting undereye filler

I’ve mentioned before I go to The Aesthetic Group for Botox and facials. (And did you see when I got Kybella?! Don’t miss this post!) I mentioned how much my under-eye circles were bothering me and Cindy Nickel recommended tear trough filler. After sharing some before-and-afters I was AMAZED with the difference it had made on people. So I gave it a try and was SO HAPPY with the results. Even my husband noticed a difference!

As for downtime from the filler, you might experience some swelling or bruising. They had me put on these patches that helped with both. And 48 hours later I looked like a new woman. As with any medical procedure, FIND SOMEONE YOU TRUST and do your research. I’ve been going to Cindy for years and trust The Aesthetic Group with my face. If you ever have any questions about any of these procedures, feel free to email or DM me. I love talking beauty treatments!