where to get Kybella in OKC + the truth about Botox sales

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I’ve always been pretty honest with you all. I’ve shared my journey to get healthy, how to get the best abs, and even my bloody vampire facial… that’s why I’m about to dive right into the deep end of what bloggers don’t always talk about. Botox. Yep, I get it and have for about 4 years now. (See the last paragraph on an important Botox secret you need to know!) I started doing it on and off but let’s just say I’m on a schedule now. You all have always asked me about it, but I wanted to explore all my options and find what worked best for me before I shared it with you all… and today I’m doing JUST that. (Along with a Kybella review and where to get Kybella in OKC.)

Who does my Botox

So, about Botox, I’ve been going to Cindy Nickel of The Aesthetic Group since 2015. She’s helped me feel so much more confident about my face. In fact, if you go back a couple years ago… you never really saw it unless I had glasses on. But let’s get to what today’s post is about… Kybella. I’ve never been a huge fan of my profile (for several reasons) and that’s why you won’t see me post any pics of it. I’ve never had a very defined chin and because of my horrible posture I never elongate my neck like I should. Combine these things and you have not quite a double chin but a definite fullness that I prefer to hide with my hair.

What is Kybella, where to get Kybella in OKC

Let’s go back to the end of June, I had *hinted* about a procedure that I had. And that procedure is called Kybella and today I’ll share my Kybella review and where to get Kybella in OKC. Wondering what it is? Well it’s the “only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin to improve your profile.”

Kybella review

Anytime you consider any kind of procedure do your research ladies! I trust Cindy so when she tells me that I might benefit from something… I listen. But it still took some convincing. Messing with my face is not something I take lightly! After sharing some amazing before and after pics I said let’s go for it! But I’m not going to lie… it’s a CRAZY procedure. Basically, it’s an injection that melts the fat, but it will make you look a bit like a frog for a while after.

where to get Kybella in OKC

How Kybella works

After about 2 weeks I was still puffy but not so self-conscious. But that first week I just wanted to hide! At a month I felt all back to normal and at 4 months I REALLY noticed a difference! I’m so happy I did it, but I’ll admit your neck will be scary that first week. Let’s break it down…

The Aesthetic Group

You schedule your procedure(I would suggest a Wednesday or Thursday but plan on hiding till Monday. For me it took almost a week until I felt like going out… you will SWELL.)

Appointment Day! – I was prescribed a Xanax because I was told it’s common to freak out halfway through the procedure… and I did.

where to get Kybella in OKC

Actual procedure – You’ll be getting 20 to 50 jabs to the target area. And it was ok until that halfway mark when it starts to burn, and that’s when I understood why she recommended that I take something. I’m a tough girl but needles freak me out.

ice after Kybella

Afterwards – You’ll put ice on your neck… you’re done and it’s wasn’t so bad at all.

Left photo is that night, right photo is two days after.

For the next couple days – Your neck and head will become one, haha. (No, really. I’m going to share it with you because I want you to know what to expect!) You’ll basically look like a thumb.

And after 4 months I’m so happy with the results!

The dirty little secret about Botox…

Like any procedure it’s important that you find someone you trust. And I’ve been to several places in the past and trust me, you learn a lot and I’ve heard some horror stories too. Like if there’s a BOTOX SALE I would be wary. Especially since some places don’t buy their Botox directly from the company… and I’m talking about local places. (And no, I won’t give names.) Just be sure that when you get Botox done ask to see the bottle and make sure it has a hologram on it. Seriously ladies. If you going to INJECT something into your face you want to know that it is legit!

truth about cheap botox

If you have any questions, always feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram. You know I’ll always give you my opinion. And if you’re in the Oklahoma City are I HIGHLY recommend Cindy Nickel… especially for where to get Kybella in OKC. I love her and her staff and completely trust them. (Oh, and they give HEATED spray tans too. Stay tuned!)