Emsculpt review — should you try it + what to expect

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This post has been months in the making! Ever since discovering Emsculpt at SXSW in April I have been wanting to try it. And after some research I discovered that Pure Derma in OKC had a machine! As you know, I love trying out the latest beauty/wellness treatments so I said sign me up. And without further ado, here’s my Emsculpt review…

What is Emsculpt?

It’s a machine that uses non-invasive HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) to produce 20,000 supramaximal contractions in each 30-minute session. In layman’s terms that means it forces your muscles to contract… 20,000 times! Currently the machine works on your abs or bum to create a stronger core or firmer lifted buttocks. Studies have said that, “based on the 3-month studies, this results in 16% muscle growth over 4 sessions… and an impressive 20% fat loss as a by-product of muscle growth.” All from doing nothing. Pretty crazy, right?

What does Emsculpt feel like?

It’s actually pretty painless but at the beginning it just feels… well, odd. (See my video for a description of the process in real time.) After the paddle is strapped to your abdomen the power will be turned on and you’ll feel an intense vibration that contracts your muscles. The first time seems strange but gets easier with each treatment. After a couple contractions, the machine will switch over to a tapping motion. This is to help break up the lactic acid that’s being released by your muscles. The next day you might feel slightly sore like after a really good power yoga session. But no pain!

Emsculpt review, does Emsculpt really work

Am I a Good Candidate for Emsculpt? How long does it take?

Anyone who wants sculpted abs, thighs, or glutes can benefit from the treatment. Anyone can do to it but for best results you want to be near your target weight. It’s great for pushing through a plateau or taking your body (and workouts) to the next level. It’s recommend that you have four, 30 minute sessions to achieve best results. You can wear whatever you want and go on your lunch hour. It’s quick, easy, and painless!

Discount code for those of you in OKC!

Wanting to try Emsculpt for yourself? If you’re in the OKC metro contact Pure Derma and give them the code “EmsculptAlly” for 25% off. And please let me know what you think!

My Emsculpt review

I’ll be very honest with you — Emscupt is not cheap and it’s not a quick fix. But it IS an amazing tool. After my first session I went for a run the next day and it was the EASIEST run I’ve ever been on. (I thought I had become an amazing runner overnight… and eventually realizecd why haha.) It’s amazing how much stronger I feel while working out. After plateauing it’s been so encouraging to feel stronger and be able to push myself during my workouts.

And let’s be honest… you want to see results and you WILL. My before and after are proof. I noticed my sides looked more corseted and a huge increase in muscle definition as well.

before and after Emsculpt, abs

I hope this Emsculpt review has helped you learn more about this treatment. My prediction is that in the near future going forward by having this treatment will be as common as botox! Have more questions about Emsculpt? Feel free to slide into my DMs (@allysoninwonderland) or email me at AllysoninWonderland@live.com. And thank you to Pure Derma for allowing me to try this amazing new treatment.

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