the good, the bad, and the bloody details of my vampire facial

You’ve probably heard about the PRP facial, or the vampire facial, as it’s known to most people.  And you’ve probably wondered is it worth it?  Well as I promised this year I would share more about beauty products and treatments.  So when Skinlab Injectables asked me to try the PRP facial and share my experience I was excited…but nervous.  So here’s the good, the bad, and the bloody details of my vampire facial.  (Warning — there are photos!)

What is a PRP facial?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Basically your blood platelets are high in growth hormone which when applied to the skin will stimulate cell turnover. For the vampire facial, your own blood is used to treat your skin for rejuvenation. Confused?  Let me take you through the process.

First up is numbing cream.  Why numbing cream?  Because your face is going to be microneedled.  Numbing cream is applied liberally and the more the better — you don’t want to feel a thing!  Next up is getting your blood drawn.  Admittedly I HATE NEEDLES but Lauren at Skinlab Injectables did such an amazing job that I barely felt a thing.  Your blood is then spun in a centrifuge. It separates the platelets from the red blood cells.

When you’re good and numb a microneedling tool will be used to delicately puncture your epidermis like little pin pricks.  Then the plasma is rubbed into your skin.   Sounds completely freaky right?  It’s really not!  But you have to be prepared to look a little flush-faced for awhile afterwards.  The night after my facial I stayed in and binge-watched Netflix.

It’s best not to wear makeup for two days and just a little warning, your face will feel tight and itchy.  Mine also peeled but was pretty back to normal after 5 days.  I shared the whole experience on my Instagram Stories and below are a couple of things you guys asked me…

Is it bloody?

Not really.  That famous picture that Kim Kardashian posted was very much exaggerated.  Your plasma is more of a yellow color so after the microneedling your face might bleed a *TINY* bit, but the plasma makes it run and therefore look bloody.  It’s no big deal.

Does it hurt?

You will feel the microneedling (the forehead area made my eyes tear up a little) but otherwise I didn’t feel much.  Just slight stinging.

How long does it last?

Results will vary but it’s recommended that after your first facial you have one annually to maintain the results.  I’ll be doing a total of 3 and waiting a month in between each one.  This was my first one.

Does it really work?

In all honesty I noticed results after about the 3rd week.  The first week you’re still healing, the second week you’re excited you can wear makeup and look normal again, and the third week I noticed my face had more of a glow to it and looked more plumped up.  The pores around my nose seemed smaller.  Then the fourth week (and now) I can really see where the melasma under my eyes has lessened.  As have some little dark spots on my cheeks.  And I’m comfortable just going out with my just CC cream on and nothing else.

Wanna see all the gory details, haha.  OK here we go…

(I can’t believe I’m showing these!)

Here’s what getting a vampire facial is like.  First photo is Lauren rubbing in my plasma after microneedling my forehead.  Next photo is immediately after and the last one is two hours after.

what getting a vampire facial is like

Eyes immediately after… and after 4 days.

One month after… with no makeup.  Lately I’ve been wearing less makeup and only CC cream

I’m going back again in a month or so for my second facial and I can’t wait to see if my skin improves more.  I’ll report back after my 3rd and final PRP facial and of course I’ll be talking about it all on Instagram Stories…stay tuned and thank you Skinlab Injectables!