styling a long sheer tunic + stepping out of your comfort zone

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I’m stepping out of my comfort zone… and I suggest you do the same.   We all get into the same routine which could be throwing on the same pair of jeans or eating the usual breakfast.  My challenge to myself this year is to be different.   Starting with my outfits, of course!

styling long sheer tunic

Let’s start with this long sheer tunic.   It may look like a dress but it’s actually a long sheer top.  Wondering how to style a long sheer tunic?  I’ve started by pairing it with these cream wide leg pants and then this summer I’ll be styling it with cutoffs.  It also looks cute with jeans, black pants, you name it!

wearing a long sheer tunic, Valentino rockstud bag

styling a sheer long tunic over pants

This sheer tunic comes in black too!

how to style a long sheer tunic

stepping out of my comfort zone

It’s a very fashion forward look that’s easy to wear.  I love sharing looks like this one.  For me blogging is all about growing and changing.  My outfits change as I do!   And I hope that I can inspire you to try out something you never thought you would.  That could be an outfit, a workout, or a new beauty treatment.

how to wear a long sheer tunic with pants sheer tunic with pants sheer embroidered tunic sheer tunic with embroidery

So would you wear a sheer top like this one?  Even if it’s not your style I encourage you to step out and do something different today.  What have you changed recently and why do you love it?