Workout update + Lace up activewear

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This week I thought I would start with something a little different.  Instead of the usual fashion post I wanted to focus on my health journey.  (And these lace up activewear pieces.)  Less than a year ago in this post I started this topic and today I’ll be following up.  I still continue doing all the things I listed in that post but recently have really tried to cut back WAY back on sugar… which is soooo hard for me.  I love sugar, desserts, and sweets.  In the past I would make a semi-healthy dessert on Sunday night then we would snack on it throughout the week.  I’ve stopped doing that and now we have a bowl of cereal, dark chocolate, or Halo Top if we’re craving something sweet.

About my workout… 

I can’t believe how much I’m loving yoga.  I’ve done it before but frankly found it to be so boring!  But as I noticed my posture getting worse and worse I knew I needed to do something about it.  I was searching YouTube for more challenging yoga sequences and came across Five Parks Yoga.  For a month now I have been practicing almost every day and I’m loving how I feel.  I’ll continue to mix up my new love of yoga with light cardio (I’m still trying to take it easy on my foot) and want to know… what workout are you all loving?

lace up white leggings, downward dog

And about this lace up activewear…

There’s nothing more motivating than a cute workout outfit.  And Carbon38 always has the most fashion forward pieces.  (So obsessed with their latest ruffled collection!)  And beside their own stylish line, they have all your favorite workout brands like Beyond Yoga, Alo Yoga, Nike, and Michi.  I’m crushing over these lace up pieces and even wore this hoodie to brunch yesterday with jeans.

white lace up Carbon38

And let me tell you, if you’re ever wanted white leggings but were nervous about them being too sheer, there are NOT.  Plus they are really flattering with a waist band that sucks you in.  Wanting white leggings?  Give these a try!