When did you take your first kid-free trip?

Our 10 year anniversary is coming up and I can’t believe it! It amazing how fast time files. Like all marriages we have gone through high highs and low lows. Isn’t that any relationship?! That’s what makes you strong and we’re lucky to be strong than ever… and that’s quite a feat after COVID and a baby haha. To celebrate 10 years together I’ve been wanting to plan quick little getaway that’s just the two of us. However we’re both freaking out! When did you take your first kid-free trip?

We haven’t booked anything yet but I’m thinking Miami might provide the perfect quick vacation spot. I want to go somewhere warm and it’s an easy nonstop flight. When we go to Miami we always have the best time! During our last trip we stayed at The Edition but for this getaway I’m thinking of staying at the Faena. Click here for details on both to see why we love them. I’m also curious to see what it’s like since Covid. I know one of our favorite restaurants unfortunately closed. If we don’t pick Miami I’m sure we’ll end up going to Vegas. We were there last year for our anniversary and it was EMPTY but I have to admit I liked it! (Less crazy people…)

Miami outfit ideas

Miami outfit ideas

Here’s are some major Miami fashion vibes that are getting me into the vacation mood! The dresses from AlexisZimmerman, Rococo Sand and Agua Bendita. Which is your favorite?

Here are some more looks. The top row is from the brands I mentioned above, the bottom row is from Wayf (that blue dress is under $100!) Sundress, and Rahi. Shop more looks like these here!

And lastly, don’t forget sandals! I’m really obsessed with gold/metallics footwear right now.

Which pair should I pack for our first kid-free trip? (That is if we can bare to leave the little little one! We’ll see…)