How to Pack for Baby’s First Flight

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Packing is a process. I want to be prepared for ANYTHING… which means I pack A LOT. And now that I have a kid, we have to pack even more! In the past I can usually I can pack the day before a trip. With a baby I wanted to pack WAY in advance so I had plenty of time to be sure I would have everything I need. So here’s how to pack for baby’s first flight…

My personal packing must-haves: antibacterial wipes, Dramamine, and KIND bars.

How to pack for baby’s first flight

If this is your first flight with a baby there are a couple things you should know. For instance, check with the airline you are flying to see what you can check. We checked the carseat at the ticket counter and the stroller at the gate. (You’ll want the stroller with you inside the airport at all times… trust me.) As for his diaper bag I packed the usual but with MORE toys. (And in general, I always pack an extra outfit and extra diapers in case of a blowout.)

And something I learned about traveling with formula: it will be screened separately so I suggest bringing a NEW unopened container. THAT BEING SAID… know that when you OPEN the new formula on the plane it may POP! Ours did and scared me to death along with sending powder into the air! I don’t know if this is a normal occurrence but I wanted to share just in case!

When for packing Nico, here was my list…

  • bibs
  • DIAPERS (I plan for around 8 a day)
  • wipes
  • spit up cloths
  • changing pad
  • dressing up outfits
  • play outfits
  • pjs
  • shoes
  • swimsuit (swim shirt, hat, SPF)
  • bottles
  • formula
  • baby food
  • baby spoon
  • blanket
  • baby Tylenol
  • refillable bottle set filled with Dawn for washing bottles, baby soap, and baby detergent
To keep Nico’s things organized, I packed all his things in a labeled Ziploc bag.

Ziplock bags are EVERYTHING

Instead of having fancy bags to separate my things I swear by Ziploc gallon bags. I used them to organize, store my toiletries (so that if something spills it won’t ruin my clothes) and now to put dirty diapers in. Just keep some in your diaper bag so no matter where you have to change diapers, no one will smell it. And trust me anyone around you will appreciate it… especially on the plane! Then the bags that don’t get used for diaper duty will get recycled when I get home. Or used again.

Here’s what’s always in Nico’s diaper bag: an extra outfit, socks, wipes, bottle, changing pad, toys, burp cloth, and a bib.

To make things easy, I order everything I need using Walmart’s Online Pickup & Delivery.* You know I already use it to pick out fresh produce for Nico’s food. And this way when I’m packing I don’t have to waste time wandering store aisles, I just put everything I need in my online cart and click checkout and then have it brought to my car. It’s a serious timesaver! I want to thank Walmart for sponsoring this post and helping make this mom’s life a little easier. Have you tried Walmart’s Online Pickup & Delivery yet?

*$35 minimum and small delivery fee apply. Pickup and Delivery available in select markets.