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I feel like I blinked, and it was time for Nico to start solid foods! That’s right, the little guy is over 6 months now. Can you believe it?! I know I owe you a 6 months of Nico post but as I’m sure you’ve noticed… I’m a little behind. It’s just because I want to spend every second with him! That post will be coming soon but now I want to share with you his latest milestone and how we’re handling it.

Making my own baby food

Being a very health-conscious foodie I knew I would want to pass on my love of food with my child. And the best way I can do that is to make is his food. While that’s great in theory it can also be time consuming. But, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. Like making big batches and freezing them along with our baby food maker. It’s made it cooking his food so easy!

Another trick is having fresh produce on hand so I can whip up something when he gets hungry or make something new for him to try. Walmart makes that so easy with their online pickup and delivery. I usually just order it on my phone and have it delivered to my door — or Gran will go pick it up. It’s such a timesaver!

Walmart’s Pickup & Delivery service

What Nico loves (and doesn’t)

easiest baby food recipe

Honestly we have yet to find something he doesn’t like. (He even likes spinach! – Just mix it with apples for some sweetness.) The only thing he seems to not care for was a recipe with peas. But to be honest, I didn’t like it either! Was your kid picky? So far ours isn’t but I’m sure that day will come…

Apple + Banana baby food

One of the easiest recipes I make has two fruits you probably have in your kitchen right now. All you need is one apple and one ripe banana with a dash of cinnamon.  That’s it! Peel and core the apple, then cook it with the banana. (It’s important to cook all baby food to make it easily digestible and kill any foodborne illness.) I steam it, add a dash of cinnamon and puree it. It’s so good you’ll want a bit too!

Other great baby food combinations

Sweet potato + butternut squash

Banana + oatmeal

Spinach + Apple

Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery

If you’re busy (with children or not) Walmart Online Pickup & Delivery makes life so much easier. And delivery associates are trained to pick the freshest items with a 100% freshness guaranteed! For delivery a $35 minimum is required along with a small delivery fee apply. Pickup and Delivery available in select markets. If you’re not happy with your order, just contact customer care for a refund.