2nd trimester updates + must-haves

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It’s true when people say the 2nd trimester is the best part of being pregnant.  It was like the second I hit 14 weeks pregnant, my energy was back! I felt like my normal self again… well almost.* (Keep reading to see what I mean.) Today I’m sharing my 2nd trimester must-haves along with a

 No more food aversions

cheers to no alcohol

The second trimester was really a return to normalcy for me. I didn’t have any more food aversions. My diet basically went back to normal except that I wanted more smoothies and salads than usual. Really anything cold sounded good to me.

What I wore during my 2nd trimester

best pregnancy dress
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Luckily working from home means basically I can wear whatever I want. So my pregnancy uniform has mainly consisted of yoga pants, or jeans with this belly band, and dresses.  Dresses were definitely the easiest thing to wear.  Above is one of my 2nd trimester must-haves and I also have and love these below…

2nd trimester workouts

Home Office Desk Exercise Bikes
I’ve gotten so much use out of this bike for several years now! This pic was taken at 18 weeks just when I was starting to have a bump.
best joggers
(I’ve been LIVING in these joggers. For reference I wear the xs and it fits me still into the 3rd trimester… plenty of stretch! Sports bra linked here and sneakers here. Get 20% off these joggers when you sign up for email!)

As for my favorite 2nd trimester workouts I switched my regular workouts to the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project. My typical routine would be her workout after breakfast in the morning and then some kind of cardio at night. (I like this one from Popsugar or I would go for a long walk or bike while I work using my Flexispot desk bike.

For my workouts, these yoga pants (above) from Lululemon were the BEST. They are at the top of my 2nd trimester must-haves list! They are so soft and PERFECT for pregnancy because they stretch. Many of you recommended them and I can see why! I bought a long pair and a cropped pair. The biker shorts version has been popular too.

Glucose test + Anemia

I really wasn’t too concerned about my glucose test. This whole pregnancy I have been eating my usual healthy meals (just bigger portions) and working out. But you all warned me it was terrible… and um, IT WAS! Not to scare any of you, but I do want to share my experience. Maybe it’s because I don’t eat a ton of sugar, but it made me feel extremely sick during/afterwards. Thirty minutes after I drank that orange drink my heart started RACING and I felt like I was going to pass out. It literally took the entire day for me to feel better. I chugged water in bed and scarfed down an impossible burger. But I really didn’t feel good until the next day. Later my blood work showed I was slightly anemic so maybe that had something to do with it. But if this happens to you, don’t worry that it’s a sign that you may not pass… because I did!  (And I was told the girl who took the test before me threw up, so it’s pretty common to feel sick.)

Congestion issues during pregnancy

I’ve had bad allergies ever since college so I knew I would be dealing with congestion issues during pregnancy. Since I tried to avoid all medicine (except Claritin, I truly couldn’t function without it… doc approved too) I found Breathe Right Nasal Strips to be a total lifesaver. Especially at night!

*The one bad part of the second trimester…

While physically I felt normal and amazing, mentally I was still a mess. I would have ok days and then really bad days. I’m sure all the crazy preggo hormones combined with my anxiety were a recipe for disaster. As I mentioned in my 1st trimester post if you are struggling with depression or anxiety (especially while pregnant) PLEASE SHARE IT with your doctor and partner/family member/friends. This is not the time to hold it in. My doctor knew my struggles as did my husband who helped me daily, poor guy. The stress of being pregnant during a pandemic, along with job issues and having to stop my clothing line, really made me sad and bitter. I just had to keep reminding myself that I had an amazing little person to look forward to.

And as for the “light at the end of the tunnel,” my 3rd trimester has been AMAZING for my mental health. The darkness finally lifted! (More on that to come…)