WFH in your pjs… because why not?!

What is your new normal? Many of you are now working from home and I know it can be a strange transition. (I remember when I started staying home and it was so jarring!) Which is why I’m giving you a list of ways to be productive or how to be more organized which is always a struggle for me. So let’s all EMBRACE this time at home. At least for the time being you can work from home in stylish pajamas all day if you want to! (Like my black and white striped pajamas.)

Maybe I shouldn’t say that but this situation won’t last forever. Now we won’t be going back to normal tomorrow, but it WILL happen. Even though this is a scary and uncertain time in our lives just know that it won’t last forever… so go ahead and rock some cute pjs. Wear them all day if you like! So today I’m going to share how I do that stylishly with Shopbop.

black and white striped pajamas

I love anything black and white so I knew these black and white striped pajamas would instantly be favorites. The top is even cute enough to wear out… not sure when that will happen so for now I’ll pair it with jeans for date nights at home. (More pjs here!)

Pairing with my favorite jeans

New brand to love: Sleeper

Sleeper Curacao Silk Loungewear Dress

Wanting something you can wear out or to bed? Check out the brand Sleeper. They specialize in unbelievably chic loungewear. (Shop more here.)

Kiss your work clothes goodbye

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Like I said, this won’t be forever so super soft and cozy pajamas are a must! I wish you could feel how soft these pullover and pajamas shorts are… guess you’re just going to have to try them for yourself.

So I have to ask… are you dressing up while at home or will you be wearing pjs all day too?

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