Working from home now? Here’s how to get organized…

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I’ll admit it guys, we’ve entered a scary time. But we’ll get through this together! While sometimes social media drives me crazy (I’m looking at you Instagram) I’m also so GRATEFUL for it right now. We can all stay connected and keep each other going. It makes this situation feel less lonely. I’m currently holed up in the house with Gran while my husband makes the occasional trip out… carefully. And I encourage you to stay home too! Remember, you’re not just protecting yourself but you’re protecting those around you. So what to do with your time home… I suggest you get organized!

Working from home now? Here's how to get organized...
I always get asked about the cubbies! They are linked below and you can add these bins to get organized.

Use this time to get organized!

Organization has always been a huge battle for me. But I will say when things are organized, I’m so much more PRODUCTIVE! So during the quarantine I’m changing my usual fashion content and tailoring it to fit what’s going on right now. Like organizational ideas for every room in your house and my favorite home workouts. As for today… let’s focus on the office.

Ways to be organized while working from home

Some key points for me are: making sure I stick to a schedule and taking breaks at the same time. I found that working out first thing in the morning REALLY helps my overall mood and productivity level. So here’s a peek into ways I organize around my office and some more tools to get you started!


Starting from the beginning?

Check out these home office organization ideas below. I especially love that business card holder… so cute! And keeping a calendar always helps. What tools keep you organized?