Saying goodbye, to say hello

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Sometimes you have to ride a roller coaster to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And that’s just what happened to me when it came to buying our new home. It started simple enough but quickly led to many sleepless nights. (And wine… so much wine.)

white waist tie maxi dress, rose wine

The past January I again saw a house on Zillow that I had actually looked at several times. I wasn’t in love with it, that’s for sure, but for some reason that day I decided to give it another look. It seemed like the house actually checked all the boxes. (Plenty of space for us and Gran, in the neighborhood we wanted, and a large kitchen.) After looking at it, we thought this might be our next home. So we went for it! And the house we’ve called home for almost 7 years to the day, was sold in a week. (Thank you Jennifer and Kylan at Sage Realty Partners!)

Why we moved…

We have been wanting something bigger for a while. We were wanting to stay in OKC but just needed more SPACE. The home was pretty small and we pretty much out grew out of it immediately! (Let’s just say I never had a closet.) But having such a small place made it easy for us to go on last minute trips and not worry. So I didn’t think saying goodbye to it would be so hard! I’m definitely ready for something new and something we can change and make exactly what we want but looking back it was a cute little home. So today I thought I would share some of my favorite photos of our first little home.

A peek at our old home…

mini office closet
The office makeover I did with Havenly.
black lace top, green ottoman
Our living room had a ton of natural light which made it my favorite place in the house. (Picture from this hair accessory post.)
playing with his hair
And it made taking photos easy! (Like when you have to take a couples hair campaign photo, haha.)
open back sweater with lace bra
And I loved that the kitchen was open and right next to the living room…
using my FlexiSpot bike
…because that was the room I was always in.
Boll and Branch review
And of course our bed is coming with us! Looking forward to a bigger bedroom in the new place.
round jute rug, cute patio, outdoor papasan chair
Also looking forward to making the new home, even more cozy than the old one.