hair accessory trends for spring/summer 2019

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I thought having shorter hair might be a little boring. That is until my last hair appointment where I just had an urge to chop it off! And shockingly enough I’m actually having MORE fun with LESS hair. Or maybe it’s just all the amazing hair accessories that are on trend for going into spring and summer!

black bow blonde hair

hair accessory trends for spring/summer 2019

I have actually had this black silk bow for awhile now and have always j’adore the look because it remind me of the beautiful Catherine Deneuve. It’s just so chic and French! But this sweet look will always be in style, so let’s talk about trends that are fresh and new for spring/summer 2019…

Scrunchies are back… seriously

Can you believe scrunchies are cool again? Honestly I’ve always had one that I wear when I wash my face, workout, etc. but NEVER would I consider wearing it out of my house! Let’s just say this is one trend I’m still on the fence about. (But I do kind of like this one!)

knotted headband

The one trend I can totally get behind are headbands. I’ve always LOVED headbands. Mainly because they make my dirty hair look polished, hahaha. (You know I HATE washing my hair!) Designer Lele Sadoughi has always been a favorite of mine and I must say she is making the CUTEST version of this trend. Everyone is knocking off her crystal studded headbands and scrunchies but her’s is the original. Please support her!!

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black silk bow blonde hair, lace sleeve top, coffee with lipstick
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black lace top, green ottoman
Feelings hair pin

Pearl hair clip

Hair clips are very much back in style. You might remember me wearing this Feelings hair pin from this post. (And it’s actually back in stock!) I also just ordered this pearl clip that I keep seeing on Instagram. I’ll let you know what I think!