I just started wearing earrings… for real in 2019.

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I remember BEGGING my mom to get my ears pierced and at age seven we went together and had them done on my birthday. And even though it took weeks before I could wear them (gotta let those babies heal) I went ahead a bought a bunch of earrings. And then I forgot to wear them… and that forgetfulness followed me into adulthood. This resulted in 3 (or possibly 4) trips to get my ears RE-PIERCED. And just this year, I finally think I won’t have go for the gun again… (Ow!)

gold Ettika art deco round earrings
Wore these oversized earrings throughout our trip!

Statement earrings trend in 2019

My love for statement earrings started a couple years ago when I discovered designer Lele Sadoughi. She created the most stylish, creative, and luxe looking earrings I had ever seen. With a planned trip to Puerto Rico I knew these earrings had to come with me. (That was 3 years ago and she still makes that style today!) Now let’s forward to my recent Hawaii trip. I found my love of oversized earrings was back! See which ones a packed below…

(Full admission: I basically had to re-pierce them again myself. And it HURT!! But worth it ha.)

Baublebar heart earrings, white ruffle dress
Had so much fun giving away these cute heart earrings last week!
guide to the best spring/summer earrings 2019
pink stripe Habitual top, gold vintage Chanel earrings
Can’t go wrong with oversized CC’s, please.

And about that “feelings” barrette. It already sold out but here’s where you can the brand’s other barrettes. (The glam one is pretty cute too!)

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