how fashion bloggers wear ponchos

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Call it a poncho, a wrap, or a ruana — it’s the one piece we all need in our closet.  Especially when the temperatures start to drop.  Like yesterday which was the first really cold day in OKC.  All day it felt like it was on the edge of snowing.  I love that feeling, except I wish it would ACTUALLY snow!  I’m not a huge fan of being cold, but when it comes with big beautiful snowflakes and the promise of a snow day, I’m totally in. While we didn’t have snow, we might this weekend. (Fingers crossed!)

And a sweater wrap like this one is such an essential in the winter time. This one is reversible and just happens to be marked down and under $40 — which makes it the perfect gift for a friend, sister, or your mom. It fits every size and works at any age. And like I mentioned it’s reversible! One side is grey and the other is black. Just see the pics below! And I’ve even added a video so you can see it in motion.

how fashion bloggers wear ponchos

Press play to see it in motion!

wool wrap, suede knee high boots

how fashion bloggers wear ponchos

A poncho can be worn so many ways.  But the most stylish way to wear one is a fashion blogger secret. Basically you wear it as a dress! Just make sure that the skirt or dress you have on underneath is shorter. Drape it over yourself and it will look like your poncho is a dress.

styling a wool wrap in the winter

And to cover up cold legs might I suggest these slouchy suede boots. Mark my words they will be the IT boot this season. Good thing they come in SEVEN colors because trust me you want more than one!  I just bought the black and the cream pair.

So do you love classic poncho too?  How do you wear it? Let me know!