styling a ruana in Santa Fe

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Happy Monday friends!  We just returned from a wonderful weekend with family and friends in Santa Fe. It was a fun couple days of catching up with old friends, an amazingly sweet wedding of one of my oldest friends, and much enjoyed family time with my husband, Gran, in laws and aallll our pups.

And speaking of dogs, many of you messaged me questions about traveling with dogs in Santa Fe and I’ll be doing a post about it soon! But for now I’m going to focus on the fashion since the temperature changes so much there. During the day it’s so warm, especially if you’re in the sun. But in the shade or when night rolls arounds, it feels really COLD.  So one of the essential accessories I packed was a ruana.  (Also called poncho, cape, etc.)

styling ruana for fall or winter

I liked this one from Madewell since it can easily double as a scarf. And it comes in a windowpane version too. Both my Gran and MIL both have it!  Honestly, it’s probably considered more like a cape than anything, but since the term ruana is becoming more popular (and replacing the term poncho) I wanted to use it.  Because let’s face it, what goes around comes around in fashion. A belt bag is really just a fanny pack. And a handbag is really a purse, etc. Renaming a fashion piece to make it seem new and fresh is pretty typical.  So even though this accessory is old (like from the 1800s) the good news is that it means it never really goes out of style, right?

stripe pastel poncho ruana best ruana for fall winter

Travel style

If you’re traveling a ruana it such a great accessory to have because it can be worn so many ways. Below I’ve rounded up some other great ones and plenty of them are under $100…

Which one would you wear?  Have you heard of the term ruana before?