cream cable knit sweater dress

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We all know sweater weather is the best kind of weather. And every year when the weather gets that chill in the air I can’t get out all my sweaters — it’s like Christmas before Christmas is actually here. (Because I always forget what sweaters I have during the warm months.) And next year I’ll be adding this cream cable knit sweater dress!

I don’t know if you box up your sweaters but it’s a little tradition of mine when spring begins. I fold all sweaters and sweater dresses in an airtight box and put them away until the cold weather returns.

cream cable knit sweater dress

Next year I’ll be adding this dress to the box.  It’s like a take on my favorite sweater from last year but in dress form. It comes in red and green too. (If you’re a size medium or large you can get this dress on sale here!) And as for the boots they are the same as these but in an off white shade. I love the scrunchy shape of them! They come in SEVEN colors so you’ll be able to find just the shade your looking for. I went for the black (like in this post) and the cream you see here.

cable knit white dress
cable knit sweater dress, tan Gucci mini bag,
cream cable knit sweater dress, cream knee high boots, Gucci tan mini bag
cable knit sweater dress, Gucci mini bag

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Are you a sweater lover too?  Do you look forward to wearing them like I do? Let me know!