Is a Gucci belt bag worth the investment?

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Is a Gucci belt bag worth the investment? Honestly… every time I wear it someone asks me this question! The funny thing about this bag is that it always becomes the topic of conversation. You get people who think it’s cool that you’re wearing it… you get others who think you look like an idiot… and you get people who are shocked because they are seeing a “fanny pack” IRL, hahaha.

Because of this I thought it was about time I did a post about this funny little bag and share some of the pros and cons of splurging on one…

grey turtleneck dress, how to style a Gucci belt bag

Is a Gucci belt bag worth the investment?

If you want a fun bag that’s going to get plenty of attention — this is the bag for you! While the belt bag trend won’t be around forever, the good news is the bag is DETACHABLE. So you can carry it as a clutch too! That makes a huge difference for me and price wise if you want to spend a little less go for the velvet version of this bag. (Or try this Steve Madden bag which looks very similar but for much less.)

This belt bag looks similar but waaaay less than the Gucci version.  I’ve also switched out my usual watch strap for this plum one. Love the richness it adds to my outfits!

red plaid coat for under $100, styling a gucci belt bag

cute red plaid coat, grey turtleneck dress, gucci belt bag

But all that being said, yes this is a trendy bag so you’re definitely not going to wear it forever but you might use the belt separately and carry the bag as a clutch for years to come. And let me tell you, it’s really freaking convenient to have your bag strapped to you at all times, haha. But I want to know what you all think!

red plaid coat with a turtleneck dress grey turtleneck dress, styling a gucci belt bag

And about this outfit… it’s not a splurge at all. Both the dress and coat are under $100. And as for the boots they are my newest obsession!  They come in a ton of colors and I’ve already received many compliments on them. They will be THE BOOTS you’ll want to wear this winter… I promise!