Trying out IGTV + white maxi dress with side cutouts

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Backless dresses are kind of my thing…

If you watched my latest IGTV video I shared all the dresses I packed for our trip to Miami!  (And if you like what you see you can shop the dresses here or here.)  I have always wanted to do more with video so I can’t wait to post more over on IGTV.  Please let me know what you want to see or leave a comment on the videos.  I would so appreciate you checking them out!

So when in Miami I say play the part.  Wear something a little more daring.  Show some skin… and when the humidity gets to you, you’ll be glad you did!  Which let me just say, I almost passed out AGAIN on this trip.  I don’t know what it is with humidity but I had the same experience in New Orleans.  Luckily, I brought my electrolyte powder in my bag and after chugging it down with some water I was back to normal thank goodness.

white maxi dress with side cutouts

Now about this dress… it’s kind of perfect for Miami?  Or the beach?  Or really any hot summer day?  This white maxi dress with side cutouts looks as cute in the front as it does in the back.  And as for fit, the top half is pretty loose but I will say the bottom part is a little tight around the waist.  If you’re between sizes then you’ll want to size up.  And as for a bra, I wore these stick on “shapers” which are a necessity when it comes to dresses like this one.

So would you wear a dress like this?  Let me know!  And don’t forget that the HUGE Nordstrom sale starts THIS THURSDAY and I’ll be doing a post covering it on that day.  Get all the details here and message me if there’s anything specific you want me to cover!

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