my New Orleans uniform + why I passed out

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With my New Orleans trip coming to an end, I thought I would share a little peek into what I packed.  My plan was to make this an easy and fun Mother’s Day trip for my mom and grandma.  Normally for travel I try to perfectly match my outfit to my destination.  But for this trip I wanted it to be easy… for the city known as the “Big Easy.”

My suitcase contained nothing but dresses, sandals, and my favorite pair of sneakers.  With the heat and humidity I wanted to focus on comfort.  And I found out the hard way how important that really was.  Because I passed out at breakfast!  While that sounds insanely dramatic, it’s not. It has happened to me before (well many times) and I know how to prevent it and how to quickly recover from it.  Long story short, I become dehydrated extremely easily and that combined with the humidity knocked me over…literally!   It’s been a couple years since my last “episode” so this was a good reminder that I have to keep a water bottle and an electrolyte tablet close by — and watch the caffeine.

off the shoulder dress blue floralblue white dress with sneakers

But let’s get back to the outfit!  This sweet little summery dress is so very girly that I wanted to tone it down a bit.  So I brought out my most favorite pair of sneakers.  I wore them every day of our trip!  With the bumpy streets and sidewalks they were the best option.  I ended up only wearing sandals/heels for dinner.

summery off the shoulder blue white dress with sneakers

summer blue white outfits

Above is a look at everything I packed.  I wore it all except for those cute sandals.  Like I said, I really did stick with sneakers.  I hope you’ve been following along on Instagram Stories.  It’s been so fun that I’m sad to leave but I know I’ll be back!