An injury + most comfortable mule slides ever

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I’ve always been a high heel wearing kind of girl

(I really didn’t even start wearing sneakers until recently!)  And then I injured my foot.  It wasn’t a bad injury but it was pretty painful.  It started this past fall when all the sudden I had this shooting pain that started above the arch in my foot.  With back to back trips this past fall/winter I was nervous about making it worse, and therefore, knew I had to drastically changed my footwear…

Say hello to the most comfortable mule slides ever!

Aside from stopping all high impact workouts (bye, bye Tracy Anderson cardio) I also had to cut down on wearing heels.  I would wear them for outfit photos or for date night but otherwise I would have to stay in my sneakers.  Even my favorite Gucci Princetown’s were bothering my foot!  That made me want to find a stylish black mule… and fast. 

I came across the most comfortable mule/slides in the most surprising way.  I was searching Nordstrom and saw these slides without seeing that they were made by Dr. Scholl’s.  Normally I would have dismissed the brand but in my current state I thought they might be perfect… and they were.  Don’t you love when you find comfortable shoes that are stylish?

blush rockstud bag, comfortable shoes that are stylish

These slides come in tan too. (And they also happen to be under $100.)

Cute, fashionable, and stylish were not words I associated with Dr. Scholl’s but now I do.  These mules are LITERALLY the most comfortable shoes I own.  If you’re on your feet all the time or looking for a comfortable shoes you should definitely give the brand a try.  I’m sure you’ll be as surprised as I am… and I’m a fashion snob haha!

Style note — This blush jacket is actually a knit, making it the perfect little layer for going into spring.  Trade your coat for it!