Instagram Rumors + Eyelet Cold Shoulder

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I think I ruffled some feathers with yesterday’s postwhich was not what I intended to do.  AT ALL.  My point was how we all should stay true to ourselves.  Wondering what I mean?  Well as you probably already know, Facebook/Instagram control what you see in your feed and in turn what your followers see in their feeds too.  My frustration came from how Instagram prefers iPhone/mobile phone photos (This is rumored to be true).  Now, let me restate… I have zero issue with anyone who takes iPhone photos (I do too) but I don’t appreciate Instagram forcing us all to do the same thing.  I curate my own work and I don’t need a third party (Instagram) doing it for me.  So what is a girl to do?  Well I’ve been finding out that professional photographers/bloggers are trying to get around this issue by taking their own shots and wiping the metadata (digital information about the photograph) so that Instagram thinks the photo came from an iPhone.  Not sure if it works but it’s worth a shot… until Instagram wises up and butts out of our creative process.

Confusing, right?

Well when your job is Instagram (like mine is) you notice all the little tweaks and changes that happen to this social media channel.  Like when we bloggers/influencers suddenly have low likes, for seemingly no reason, and the effect it has on our businesses.  Crazy right?  

I NEVER want to fault anyone for posting their own photos with their camera phone.  And I’m sorry if I came off that way.  Your expression is all that matters, not the tools you use.  I only wish that Instagram would not favor certain aesthetics or the tools/devices used to create them over other ones.  Let’s just make it an even playing field, okay?  No matter how many followers or likes you have, we all deserve to be heard.  And my frustration with Instagram is why I did yesterday’s post.  #rantover

I hope this clarifies everything.  I don’t want to ever discourage anyone!  We all have the right to find and make our own style!

 Eyelet Cold Shoulder

flared madewell jeans, valentino stud blush bag

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white eyelet top, ruffle neckline

Please do what you do best… BE YOU!  And I’ll do the same.  And yes, I’ll also keep my mouth shut next time I get annoyed with Instagram haha.  My “boring’ comment on Instagram Stories was that we’re all just going to do what they want us to do.  That’s boring.  Being the same is completely boring! 

So I’ll just be me in this eyelet cold shoulder top .  The sleeve details are just so different which of course is why I like it.  If you can’t tell yet, I like to be different!  For going into summer this top comes in a sleeveless version too and both are around $100.  And if these jeans look familiar, it’s because I’ve worn them in this post too.