Misa is my new dress obsession + the Instagram trend I find boring

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It looks like my dress obsession is going to continue to grow, especially now that I’ve discovered Misa Los Angeles.  I only just discovered this brand but I already want everything.  Picture gorgeously girly dresses that inspire you to travel the globe.  I say that because this Misa one-shoulder dress makes me want to take a beeline to the beach… or Morocco… or both!

Misa Los Angeles one shoulder ruffle dress allyson in wonderland

Today I’m doing a little traveling of my own as I’m off to Dallas for the rewardStyle Conference.  (Wondering what exactly that is?  I’ll explain tomorrow.)  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging and where it’s going.  As with anything, trends in our business change.  And the most recent change completely bugs me.  I call it blogger realism.  Basically, instead of posting photos that are taken with a professional camera, iPhone photos seem to be preferred… especially when it comes to Instagram.

ruffle shoulder dress

Right now people want to see real life, and that’s fine.  It’s just not why I got into this.  I’m not saying that I post “fake” photos — I prefer to create more editorialized and/or stylized pictures.  I got into blogging for 3 reasons… 

  1.  I was going through a hard time in my life and wanted a creative escape.
  2.  I love magazines and fashion and looked to create a space to discuss both of them.
  3.  Like most artists, I just had an innate need to create SOMETHING.  


Misa one shoulder ruffle dress black white ruffle one shoulder Misa dress

Honestly, I didn’t know what I was doing and on occasion I still don’t feel like I do!  The one thing I do know is that I created Wonderland as a fun escape and I always want to keep that vibe.  Why do you read blogs or look at Instagram — is it for fashion inspiration?  Or something else?  Your feedback really helps so please keep the emails and DMs coming and let me know what kind of future you want to see at AiW.