Updating your office (starting with vintage accent chairs)

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Spring makes me want to start over.  And right now it’s making me want to refresh not only my outfits but also my home.  Specifically, my office… starting with a stylish office chair.

If you’re wanting a quick and easy update, then accent chairs are the way to go!  They are one of the easiest ways to have a large impact on the visual appeal of your space.  Finding an unusual piece or statement seating is my go-to when I’m looking to spruce up a space.  I know I should probably get an ergonomic chair but those are never cute right?  Plus, I tend to get up and down all day, so I think I can get away with cuteness over comfort.

Another easy trick is to get new office supplies.  There’s no reason for a boring black stapler either!   Look for girly and stylish supplies like this acrylic stapler above.  Or how about a cute kate spade “tackle box” — it will help you tackle any project you might have on your to-do list!  Which brands do you look for when it comes to darling office supplies?

Also, when it comes to wall space, you can get organized with an oversized calendar or white board.  I’m looking for more art to add to my walls and a new mirror.  I can’t stop thinking about the one above.  You’ve probably seen it all over Pinterest… I know I have!  I would love to get the largest version to sit on the floor for my outfit try on sessions.  (I know, I already have a large floor mirror but I’m obsessed with this one!)

Back to accent chairs… do you also find that chairs are an easy way to update a space?  And where do you shop for seating?  Oh, and remember this post?  Well I was so happy with the chairs that we ordered.  (I’m sitting in one right now!)  And I’ve almost finished setting up the room and can’t wait to share with you how it all turned out.

I know my decor posts are rare but I’m having so much fun doing them.  Along with taking on small renovation projects throughout my house.  Next is the kitchen counters… wish us luck!