My Modsy review + which design would you pick?

*Décor scares me.

While I love home décor and interior design, I never know where to start.  Elle Décor and Architectural Digest litter my kitchen table and my Pinterest is full of ideas… but when it comes to my own home I get completely overwhelmed!

Growing up I tended to move every couple of years, so I think that’s what has made me never want to settle down.  Even though we love our current home we have always planned on moving into something bigger.  Which means I never felt the need to decorate… until now.  It’s finally gotten to me and I want to make my home somewhere that I want to stay in even if we end up moving soon.

The design project is starting in my kitchen area, but I won’t be taking any chances because I’m going to the professionals.  Instead of bringing an interior decorator into my home, I’m doing it virtually with Modsy.

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Design #1

kitchen area redesign, Modsy kitchen area redesign kitchen area redesign with Modsy

In four easy steps Modsy makes designing your space a snap.  Here’s how…

To get started, you take a style quiz and afterwards snap a few pictures of your room.  With that information your designer will send you a 3D model of your room with multiple décor options.  That’s when the real fun begins!  You then get to shop furniture directly from your designs – and the more you shop the more you save!

I love that they also created these redesigns around my current table and rug.  They were both recent buys, so I wanted to keep them and save myself some money.  That’s the best part, you just tell them which items you want to keep and they will work them into your newly styled abode.

Design #2Allyson in Wonderland redesign with Modsy modern kitchen redesign, modsy white modern kitchen, modsy

Wanting to try out Modsy?  Use Modsy discount code WONDERLAND20!

R and I really fell in love with the first one and have already ordered the chairs and console.  Which design would you pick?  Let me know in the comments!