softest tie sleeve sweater + getting rid of writers block

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I’ve been on the hunt for the softest tie sleeve sweater… and I think I found it!  Unfortunately, I also found a case of writers block.  I have NEVER had a case of it!  I’ve always had people ask me if I run out of outfits or ideas and honestly I never ever had.

Until last night…

And it’s not that I don’t know what I want to say, it’s that I’m overwhelmed with everything I want to say.  I don’t just want another “isn’t this a CUTE sweater post!”  (Even though it really is.)

What I WANT to say is…

I want to write more about things that you connect with.  Like blogger tips and tricks, my life — real life, experiences, and things I WISH I knew when I started blogging.   Ooooh that could be a whole series.  Is there something else you would like me to write about?  With the new year here I’m so looking forward to changing things a bit.

softest tie sleeve sweater

white sunglasses, softest tie sleeve sweater, Allyson in Wonderland

This top is marked down… to $35!  It’s the softest tie sleeve sweater and comes in all the colors below.

styling a bow sleeve sweater, softest tie sleeve sweater

casual style, softest tie sleeve sweater, golden goose sneakers

softest tie sleeve sweater, Gucci Marmont black bag, white sunglasses

This coat comes in 4 colors.  Such a classic closet staple piece!

softest tie sleeve sweater, bow sleeves, Gucci quilted bag

Getting rid of writers block…

Have you had it?  How did you get rid of it?  I get so wrapped up in work that I don’t dream or be creative like I used to do.  (Btw did you catch yesterday’s post?  I share my ultimate dream.) So I have to ask… how do YOU get rid of writers block?