how to wear cropped flared black pants

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The cropped flared pant… personally it’s my favorite kind of pant!  They show off your shoes and can be so flattering when styled right.  And since you might be wondering how to wear cropped flared black pants, today’s post is just for you.

how to wear cropped flared black pants

Way back in January I did a similar post and it ended up being one of my favorite outfits for going into spring.  If I’m completely honest, my love of cropped pants really is because I don’t have to have my pants hemmed.  I know when I order a cropped pair of pants I can wear them immediately.  That’s the one problem with being on the shorter side… even if I find a perfect fitting pair of pants, a lot of times I still need to have them hemmed.  That’s what so great about pants like these.  I can wear them with no alterations needed!

And as for this top, just get used to seeing it.  Don’t you ADORE THESE SLEEVES?  Head over to my Instagram Stories today where I’ll showing how these sleeves can be worn two different ways.  With the warm days still here, I’ve been tucking the bottom of the sleeves up into the top part (above the elastic) to create the cutest puffy sleeve.  It ends up looking like a completely different top!  And you know I love finding multiple ways to wear an outfit — speaking of did you see yesterday’s post?

how to wear cropped flared black pants

The top comes in yellow too and with these pants they were a little on the long side for me.  So if you have long legs they should fit you perfectly.  Looking for some other options?  Scroll through these pair below.  I even found a pair for… $14!


So do you love the cropped pant too?  Let me know in the comments!