Gucci, the princetown dupe, and my new scarf love

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I’ve been completely obsessed with Gucci lately…

First, a little backstory.  I live for vintage pieces and I feel blessed to have a few of my mom’s Gucci bags from the 80s.  I treasure them.  On the non-vintage front, Gucci’s latest announced collection is bringing back the original stripe and adding a little embellishment.  On hearing this, I instantly wanted it ALL! Being such an expensive obsession, I’ve had to go about it carefully. I’ve been wanting a pair of the Princeton loafers but haven’t been sure if I’d like wearing slides.  Before I make the splurge, I’m testing out this pair

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As you can see I’ve ditched my usual skinny jeans for a flared crop.  (Well it’s not so ‘cropped’ on my short frame.)  I was surprised how flattering I found these jeans to be and I really like the way they pair with the flats.  It’s a fresh new style that I’ll be looking forward to wearing all the way into the spring.  But let’s get back to Gucci…



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I believe in spending money on items that you love.  I happen to love accessories, especially shoes and bags.  One new category that I’m starting to spend a bit more on is scarves.  I’ve really been wanting to step up my scarf game, especially as a classic scarf will always be in style.  Take an Hermes scarf… you can wear one of their beautiful silk scarves at any age! At least that was my thinking on this reversible Gucci scarf.  It’s a classic design that I will wear for years to come.

If it’s something you love, that will last, then I feel good about saying go ahead and splurge on it.  What item do you want to splurge on now? Xo