why I’m excited about this week (plus the denim skirt is back)

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I’m pretty excited about this week on AiW… along with this one shoulder bow top with a denim skirt.

There’s going to be some new content that you’ve never seen before, along with one post that goes back to my love of art.  Since I hate secrets, here’s a look at what coming up…

  1. I’m going be sharing my first “couples style” post with R! 
  2. I’ll be posting my first blogging tips post.  (I need to come up with a name for the series!)
  3. My first art/fashion post.  (You’ll see what I mean.)

I’ve been itching to take AiW in a different direction and this week will be several baby steps for me in that regard.  In this recent post, I asked what you all wanted to see here and over HALF of you that messaged me said you wanted tips and trick on blogging.  So this Friday will be all about what tools I use when editing photos.  Please let me know what else you want to know about!  And as for the couples post, well R is pretty stylish too so it seems fitting I should show him off more.  For years I’ve been bugging him to do a fashion post will me.  And I guess I just finally broke him down, ha!

So now that you know all about what’s coming up, let’s talk about today’s outfit!  Even though it’s been less than a week, I’m showing off this denim skirt again.  I NEVER wear skirts so it’s been fun for me to come up with what to wear it with and this bow top is pretty adorable.  Normally I would style it with a pair of black pants or jeans but with this week being in the 90s I was happy to have this skirt

One shoulder stripe bow top, denim skirt

One shoulder stripe bow top, Allyson in Wonderland

One shoulder stripe bow top with a denim skirt

One shoulder stripe bow top, denim skirt, ruffled slides

One shoulder stripe bow top, denim skirt