Beauty Talk /// Does Clarins double serum work?

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I can be a beauty product junkie…

For me, trying out a new beauty product is like discovering a new little potion.  While many of them offer lofty promises, they don’t always deliver… but I found one that did!  Say hello to Clarins Double Serum.  It’s the brand’s newest and most powerful formula to date.  It contains two anti-aging serums which combine to treat loss of firmness, along with dullness and uneven texture.  Most importantly it works for ALL ages and skin types.  It provides the boost that your skin needs with anti-aging turmeric and other potent anti-aging plant extracts.

Clarins Double Serum Review

Why use a serum?

Think of a serum as vitamins for your skin.  You may be a healthy eater but it’s impossible to be perfect all the time, — so you take your vitamins to get everything you need.  A serum is like that.  Serums are highly concentrated formulas that will help boost your moisturizer.  Consider it to be your moisturizer’s best friend…


How to use a serum?

Serums are made to be used BEFORE you apply your moisturizer.  So with a fresh clean face, apply your eye cream, then your serum followed by your moisturizer.  Clarins Double Serum even allows you to customize the amount you use… one small pump for oily/combination skin, or a large pump for dry skin/winter conditions.  Then warm in hands and press onto the skin, starting on the face working down your neck.

How to use a serum, Allyson in Wonderland

What to expect?

For me, my skin felt more even and hydrated.  As I’ve mention I have to take allergy medicine which can dry my skin out, so this serum made my skin feel more moisturized.  (Without leaving me with a breakout!)  Other benefits include smoother, radiant skin that has increased firmness.

Does Clarins Double Serum work?

Have you tried it?

I would love to know what you think!  I’m using it in combination with this eye cream for the ultimate anti-aging combination.  Let me know your experiences in the comments below!