faking a full night’s rest with Clarins

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“Fake it till you make it.” I’ve always been a fan of that phrase.  (I even have a bracelet that says it!) . For me, what it means is that you can do almost anything… just keep trying till you figure it out!  While this works for many things, it certainly doesn’t work for sleep.

All of us need around 8 hours, yet few of us get it.  Most days I’m lucky if I can get 7 hours, and I know that’s probably the case for you too.  And even though coffee gives me the kick I need in the morning, unfortunately it doesn’t help the dark circles under my eyes.  Instead of piling on the concealer, I’m using Clarins new Multi-Active Yeux eye treatment.  Its cream-gel texture helps prevent the first signs of aging.  It corrects dark circles with pearlescent pigments that brighten, and it also contains Horse Chestnut and caffeine to actually treat the problem.  Combine those with the cryo-metal tip and you have some serious anti-fatigue relief for your eyes!

I even took these photos without an under-eye concealer… something I’ve never done!

Learn more about Clarins Multi-Active Yeux when you click here and thank you to Clarins for partnering with AiW on this post!