The shoe splurge + who’s inspiring me

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If I had to pick an outfit that I would be living in until summer, it would be this one.

I love the look of perfectly fitting denim, along with the softness of a polished silk shirt. It reminds me of the casual elegance that French style evokes. (Speaking of France, I’m so enjoying Jaime Beck’s coverage of her time in Provence. Her blog and photography are so inspiring, you must check it out!)

Moment of honestly — even though I appear to be put together, when it comes to coffee and white clothing… it’s not exactly the case.  Let’s just say while taking these pictures I made sure my coffee lid was on tight!  Sometimes I feel like I’m the target of Murphy and his stupid law, just in better shoes.  If I had to give up silk shirts or coffee I don’t know which I would give up.  Hopefully I’ll kick my klutziness some day!

Let’s forget about my messiness and get to the clothes…

Ring from Pandora.


As you can see, I fell hard for these Gucci mules and had to have them.  I plan on wearing these nonstop even in the summer… which is how I justified them.  I would rather have one amazing pair of shoes than 10 inexpensive different ones!  Would you be interested in posts about what pieces to splurge on and which ones to save on?  I’m thinking that might be perfect for my Youtube!

(Loving these shoes and looking for a wallet-friendly dupe?  See my post here!)


AIW update: Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be traveling, so be sure to follow along on Instagram stories and Snapchat!  Even though I’m wearing several splurge-worthy pieces, click below to get the look for less.  Have a wonderful week, friends!