weekend ruffles

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Let’s talk about the future of this blog.

In my last post, I looked back but this month I’m working on the future. Wonderland is just that… a wonderland.  It’s a place to dream of fashion along with my favorite places and spaces.  That’s right, Wonderland will soon have more of a lifestyle feel.  That’s what we’ve currently been working on behind the scenes.  To me, AiW has always been a positive space where I could dream.  This year I hope I can provide you all with a place for you to dream too.

off the shoulder ruffle shirt

Today it just so happens that I’m dreaming of ruffles and working more on my home, like how to decorate a black wall of mine.   So let’s get to those ruffles like the one above.  It’s a beauty but just a note, it does fit small so order up.

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Ruffle options for under $85