french style + looking back at our honeymoon (oh how far we’ve come)

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oat /// sweater /// jeans /// boots /// clutch /// hat 

Wearing this coat last weekend made me think of Paris which then made me think of our trip three years ago…


My husband and I did a European vacation type honeymoon with one of our stops being in Paris.  Admittedly I’m absolutely clichely (not a word I know) in love with Paris.  It’s one of those places that just stays with you.  I went back and looked at a couple of my posts during that tripso and it’s kind of fun to see how far AiW has come.

Our photography has gotten soooo much better (thank goodness) and I started smiling in photos (which is good when you have RBF… resting bitch face).  So I thought it might be fun for a good ole TBT here’s a look back…

Jardin des Tuileries (pouty face) 

Cherry blossoms (matching my skirt)

The best pics + seeing the Barefoot Contessa and her husband shopping… next to us!

oat /// sweater /// jeans /// boots /// clutch /// hat 


And now let’s get to that very French looking coat

I added grey chapeau and a darling pink calf hair bowed clutch just to feel extra French!  The coat is more of a pretty lavender color, but on this dark day it’s kind of hard to tell.

Love Paris too?  Be sure to follow my friend Rebecca Plotnick and her blog Everyday Parisian.  (You’ve probably seen her photos on Pinterest, Etsy, or Potterybarn.)  She an expert and has the most beautiful photography.  Tell her I said hi!


oat /// sweater /// jeans /// boots /// clutch /// hat