Paris in pictures

While in Paris I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have.  This part of our trip should have been entitled, “sensory overload.”  Our days were filled with gorgeous scenery, delicious food, darling dogs, fabulous shopping, and beaucoup champagne.  A girl could get used to that sort of thing!  Although it must be mentioned that too much of a good thing can be bad.  After gorging ourselves on pastries, there was one day we hardly ate at all.  Don’t worry we picked up where we left off the next day, with a stop to Ladurée.

Here are some of my favorite memories we picked up along the way…

dalmatian in Paris ::: allyson in wonderland

~Paris is full of dogs.
Even the homeless men have designer dogs… seriously.  Most of them had purebred pups.  It was a bit odd.  I had to stop everything and take a picture of the dalmatian above.  I swear he even posed for me.

great dane at cafe ::: allyson in wonderland

~ This great dane was our neighbor while sitting at a cafe.
Every person who walked by stopped to giggle or point at him.  This horse-like creature was sitting dutifully next to his owner with his head propped up on an empty table.  I suspect he was as interested in our food as I was with him.

cafe de flore ::: allyson in wonderland

~ Even though it was a bit cliché, I had to have a drink at the famous Café de Flore.

 staircase to Coco's apartment ::: allyson in wonderland

~ Seeing those stairs in person gave me chills.
Every girl loves Chanel and these were the stairs she went up and down every single day.  I wanted to go up and peak into her apartment but sadly security had other ideas.

jazz in st germain ::: allyson in wonderland

~  We went to a couple jazz clubs in the St. Germain area.
After this show was over, one of the patrons asked if it would bother anyone if he played a couple songs on the piano.  Of course no one objected and it was one of those spontaneous moments in your life where you feel like you are in a movie.

feather skull ::: allyson in wonderland

~  St Germain was also full of cool art galleries and antique shops.
Everyday we would pass this feather covered skull.  The first time I saw it I was a bit creeped out — by the fifth day I wanted to take it home.

ina garten shopping in paris~  While we were in one of the antique shops we noticed a familiar face.
It seemed we were shopping next to the Barefoot Contessa, herself!  We had to sneak a little picture of her and her husband out enjoying a day of shopping.

street performer in Paris ::: allyson in wonderland

~  We didn’t see many street performers but we caught this woman standing on a light post dressed as some kind of bird.
Mr. Pipe stopped to have a chat, but I’m sure she would have rather had some cash.

desserts at Laduree in Paris ::: allyson in wonderland

~  I had been to Ladurée in NYC but couldn’t wait to go to the original.
It turned out to be one of our favorite lunch spots in the city.  Their delectable desserts certainly didn’t help my waistline.  The mille-feuille was one of the best things I have ever tasted.

Laduree macarons ::: allyson in wonderland

~ Of course we couldn’t leave without a couple boxes of those famous macarons.