hair update

blo oklahoma city extensions

Earlier this year I wrote about my hair struggles and that I was trying a new kind of extension from blo.  After using them for awhile I must report some changes…

  • No more platinum — If you’re a regular follower you know that I’m not platinum anymore.  While I LOVED being that blonde it absolutely fried my already delicate hair.  Now I’m just doing very heavy highlights which is much easier.  That way I don’t have to move my extensions up every time I color my hair.  (Which was every 4 weeks!)
  • Less extensions — For my last move-up appointment I only had about half the hair I normally put in.  It’s amazing what a difference just a handful of pieces make — as you can see above.  For fall I’ll probably go back to a full head but for this steamy summer, less was best.
  • Healthier hair — Now that I have had these extensions for 8 months I can honestly say they are so much better than my old ones.  I used to have the old school glue in kind which were easier BUT so much more damaging.  When they would come out they usually took my hair with it.  With these Hothead extensions I don’t see the damage like I used to.

If you’re in the OKC metro area and are interested in Hothead extensions, contact blo.  They have been amazing and very accommodating with my crazy schedule.  See more details about my extensions here, and to read about my pink hair (I loved it) read this.