winning the war of thin hair

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During my early 20s I started noticing that my hair was getting thinner.  It runs in my family so I wasn’t surprised when it started, but it was depressing to see it happening so young.  Being a woman with thinning hair is particularly frustrating.  I’m thankful I don’t have any serious health problems, but many days I’ve struggled in front of the mirror wishing my scalp didn’t show so much.

Over the years I’ve experimented with different colors and hair extensions but in the end I always return to being blonde.  Fortunately, mixing thinning hair with bleach damages the hair making it feel thicker.  (I know that’s crazy logic but it works for me.)  Regarding extensions I’ve had them on and off for the past 8 years.  Mainly I used them for thickness not length.  I’ve tried the glue-in kind several times but they would come out, taking my precious strands with them.

I was excited during a recent visit to blo. when they mentioned that they do extensions as well.  I’ve been wanting to get them again and I was interested to try a new system.  A short time later I was meeting with their stylist to try out Hothead Extensions.

We’re coming up on 2 weeks and let’s just say, I’m in love…


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I was so impressed with how quickly Ashley applied the hair.  These extensions are also much gentler on my hair than the glue in kind I’ve used before.  It also didn’t leave me with the painful tightness on my scalp.

The first time I styled my hair I felt like a new woman.  There was so much volume, I didn’t know what to do!  I even styled it in a way I never would have been able to do before.  I was also amazed by how much the color matched my own.  As you can see in the before and after, they blended it perfectly with my own hair.

Thank you Ashley for doing such an amazing job.  I look forward to learning more ways to style my new hair.  I’m thinking a fun summer braid will be my next hair attempt, although blo. will have to teach me how to do it first!



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Have questions about thinning hair (trust me I’ve tried everything) or extensions?  Feel free to message me!  Also if you’re in the Oklahoma City area contact blo. for more information about extensions or their other fabulous services.

Extensions provided by blo., opinions are my own.