Blogging in black and white /// Bloggers how do you find balance?

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People say life is all about balance.  As a blogger it might seem like our lives are all neatly planned and choreographed.  While the pretty pictures might make it appear that way, behind the scenes it can be total chaos.

In an attempt to reduce some of the daily mayhem, I’ve been trying to work on better organizing my daily routine.  The first step towards this goal has been to rework my daily workout routine.  Most of the time I find my myself staying up entirely too late which leads to sleeping in, and then scrambling off to work late.  While I’ve never been a morning person I’ve made an effort to get up earlier and go to Barre3 before work.  So far this little change (even though I’m tired) has helped me make my days much less stressful.

It may be a small step in toning down some of the chaos in my life but so far it seems to be working.  Next up, keeping the house clean… for more than a day.

Do you feel completely overwhelmed sometimes?  What’s helping you balance your day?  Let me know in the comments!


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