Barre3 Challenge

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I’m not a gym girl.  I never have been and I never will be.

As a child I was very active and loved to do gymnastics and dance, and when I was older I played tennis.  But when college rolled around I got lazy, busy, and honestly very bored… especially when it came to the gym.  So I gained some weight as most college kids do and started to feel quite unhealthy and generally just blah.

Several years later, I got back into doubles tennis but then my partner moved away.  I was once again stuck going to the gym.  This would entail me hopping onto the elliptical for 30 minutes, listening to my ipod, and reading the occasional magazine.  In other words, there was no engagement in what I was doing and as a result not many calories were burned.  I was just going through the motions!  Then about two years ago I took my first barre3 class.  Since then I’ve been hooked!

During that first class I felt so self conscious.  My muscles shook like crazy (that’s a good thing) and I could barely finish each exercise.  After a month of sticking with it, I noticed the moves became easier and my posture started to improve.  And I’m not going to lie, not only did I feel better but I looked it as well.

For me, barre3 doesn’t seem like a workout.  I look forward to going, I love the dance/yoga element, and these low impact sequences really transformed my body.  The instructors continue to challenge us by mixing up routines and always encouraging us… even when I’m cursing at them under my breath for mercy.  (No offense ladies I appreciate it and adore you all!)  I love how it keeps me engaged and consistently coming back which can be the hardest aspect of any workout routine.

This month starts the barre3 challenge.  I’ve never participated in one, until now, but I’m challenging you to try it with me!  Even though I’ll be out of town for part of the challenge (we’re off to Perú) I plan on continuing the challenge with their online workouts.  The barre3 challenge is the perfect way to kick off my New Year’s resolution of getting out of my comfort zone — whether that means higher intensity workouts or being less shy when it comes to this blog.  No more excuses!

Do you love barre3 too or have any questions about it?  Please feel free to message me or leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you, especially if you’re onboard with the challenge.


I owe a very big thank you to barre3 Oklahoma City at Classen Curve and Andrea Mason for allowing me to photograph the studio.  I have been compensated for this post but the opinions are completely my own.