Weekend vibes — what I’m watching and wearing

With the weekend here, I wanted to do a quick post about what I’ve been watching because I always love to know what people are binging. And on a completely different note, I wanted to share that this Isabel Marant hat is FINALLY BACK IN STOCK. I’ve been trying to track it down for months! And I have this Rebecca Minkoff sweatshirt in several colors. It makes you feel cute even while being dressed down. (More everyday essentials vibes here!)

All the things I watched and are obsessed with!

Inventing Anna — I’ve been following the Anna Delvey story ever since I read about it in Vanity Fair. When I heard about a fake influencer racking up at $63k bill at La Mamounia (my FAVORITE HOTEL) I instantly became obsessed with her story. After you watch it be sure to check out 20/20’s The Sinfluencer of Soho. (Season 43, Episode 35) It give you an updated on her life now. And how delusional she still is!

RHOSLC — I’m a loooooooong time Bravo lover… which is funny because personally I HATE drama in my life. But I’ll happily watch it on TV. Lately all of the Housewives franchise have been quite stale. Leave it to the Housewives of Salt Lake City to liven things up! I never expected this Mormon mecca to bring on the drama… but when Homeland Security flies in HELICOPTERS to arrest one of the housewives you KNOW it’s going to be entertaining.

Ozark — I was trying to describe this show to my mom and the best way I could was… Breaking Bad but in Missouri and instead of Gus as the kingpin, bring in the Mexican Cartel. It’s one of the best shows I have binged in a while and Julia Garner is AMAZING. (Just like in Inventing Anna… see above.)

The Great — It’s a modern take on Katherine the Great. It’s very vulgar at times and you’ll find yourself shocked that you’re rooting for the bad guy. (But you will!) I binged it way to quickly! Enjoy it and take your time. Such a good quirky show.

Better Things — A very authentic and raw depiction about raising girls. But even though most of us didn’t grow up that way (in a very privileged LA environment) you’ll find yourself relating to this show. It makes me cry and laugh at the same time. Truly a beautifully messy heartfelt show.

The Game Changers — While you can call this pure vegan propaganda this documentary makes some very fair points and debunks the antiquated theory that “real men eat meat.”

RHOM — We’re currently planning our first trip without Nico and I blame this show for influencing me. Watching Real Housewives of Miami has made me want to plan a trip there so badly! Watching the show reminded me why I love watching the housewives — for their lavish lifestyle and CRAZY fashion! I love when they stayed at the Versace mansion and their sleepover at the Faena reminded me how much I love that resort. (So much so that we just booked our anniversary trip there!)

And just like that… the documentary — There has been so much controversy over the SATC reboot so I’ll just add to it… I never thought the show was that great. THERE, I said it! Truth be told I just watched the show for the real star — the clothes! And with this documentary they got the attention they deserve. Any fashion lover will be over the moon.