Remember me? (Life update!)

Remember me? It’s been a LOOOOOONG time since I’ve been on the blog, so I wanted to give a little update! As you may have noticed since a little before Christmas I’ve been taking a break from the blog and social. Admittedly it wasn’t something I planned — it just kind of happened. Working from home with a toddler has been more challenging than I expected! But after a couple months I’m back and wanted to share what we’ve been up to…

Life updates

Here’s why you haven’t seen much of me! This little guy takes up most of our time and has become the happiest, silliest, sweetest little boy. Right now he loves going on walks, his food truck, his tent, and anything involving dogs. He is beyond obsessed with dogs!

We’re actually in the process of moving his nursery into what used to be the guest room. My mom would stay there when she visits but since she just BOUGHT A HOUSE RIGHT BY US (!!!!) we have decided to covert that room into his room. And his nursery will turn back into my office… which I’m really excited about! I’ll share more about that later. As for home stuff, we’ve started renovations again and this time we are working on the outside. I swear there is always something going on around here!

Lazy days of winter

During this break I have been LIVING in comfy sweats like this matching set from Aviator Nation. I love that their sweatpants are more fitted than most and hold their shape. As for footwear, when I’m at home I love my Uggs especially the new shorter style. If you’re looking for my cozy loungewear looks, click here!

Nico’s favorite things

Lovevery toysI have so many great things to say about these toys! First of all, as a busy parent it’s so nice that you can sign up for the play kits and they arrive at your door every couple of months. Each set is specifically designed for the age of your child. And they are built to last as well as nontoxic. They make great gifts too! I’ve sent several to my best friend’s little girl. They are my #1 baby/toddler gift idea!

Fisher-Price food truck — I accidentally put this in my Amazon cart and ordered it. (True story!) When it arrived, I thought I’ll just make this a “gift from Santa” and if he doesn’t like it, we’ll donate it. I’m SO GLAD for my mistake because he absolutely loves this toy! It comes with all these little food pieces that he likes to play with, especially the pizza. My only comment is that it isn’t the most stable of toys, so I definitely only recommend it to a toddler who has learned to walk and stand up on their own.

Tent — This was our Christmas gift to Nico. I thought it was so cute and if he didn’t end up liking it could still be used for toy storage… luckily, he LOVES it! We put his little Potterybarn chair inside and he likes to look at his books in there. It’s beyond cute.

Burberry jacket — This was a splurge from Grandma but it’s just too adorable. It has a removable hoodie which is nice and I just recommend sizing WAY UP like we did so you can get as much wear out of it as possible.

Robe — This little bamboo robe is absolutely darling and so soft. We put it on right after his bath and it soaks the water right up. It also comes in an adult version too if you want to match!