What Vegas is like during Covid (part 1)

I’ve had so many questions about what is open in Las Vegas during Covid so I wanted to share my experience! First I must mention, my whole family (myself included) have all been vaccinated. And since we have all been cooped up we couldn’t wait to travel again!

(Wearing a breezy jumpsuit — would be so perfect for a beach or lake trip. And doesn’t it pair with this Strathberry bag perfectly?)

what is open in Las Vegas during Covid

How is Vegas different right now

Wondering how is Vegas different right now? When we first arrived to Las Vegas I was shocked how packed the airport was. I had Nico all covered up because I didn’t want him near anyone! I immediately thought we had made a mistake bring him. (Will share a post about bringing a baby to Vegas next.) When we got to the hotel, it was pretty busy too. We had booked our stay at the Wynn Tower Suites because it is usually the quietest part of the hotel. (More on that in my next post.)

But on the Sunday we arrived, the place was jumping. However, that all drastically change the next day. From Monday to Thursday our experience was much quieter and not the bustling crowd that Vegas normally is. And since I had a baby with me I was happy there were less people and it made it much easier to distance. A cab driver told us that business had really picked up that week and the week before and by June they expected the city to be almost back to normal.

(Wearing a Rococo Sand dress for our anniversary dinner at Scarpetta — photograph taken at the Wynn Towers.)

reversible swimsuit from Shopbop

What is open in Las Vegas during Covid

Even though the strip looked like it’s normal crowded self, there are definitely some changes you need to know about. First of all, most shows are still not going on and the hotels and restaurants are at half capacity. That being said, if you plan on going to dinner you MUST make reservations. Also many of the restaurants aren’t open during the week. We actually found that many of our favorite restaurants were either closed during the week or closed temporarily. And there are no more self-service buffets as you can imagine. As far as beach clubs they are opening up but only on the weekend too. And some of the stores are closed or open by appointment only like Hermès. So be sure to check before you go.

And of course, masks are mandatory and enforced!

(Wearing a reversible swimsuit! Love that it give you two options! And it made me feel good even though I’m not back to my pre-baby shape. Goes up to size 3XL too. I’m wearing the medium for reference.)

(This Sea dress is already a favorite of mine. It’s so comfortable and baby friendly since I can roll around on the floor in it with Nico or wear out to dinner in heels.)

Should I plan a trip to Las Vegas

It really depends on what you are wanting to do! Our intention for the trip was to go to dinner for our anniversary, get in some pool time, and maybe do a little shopping. My mom and gran gambled and said while it was definitely a different they still enjoyed themselves.

If you’re wanting to gamble know that…

There are fewer players, fewer tables, and instead of 6 players at a blackjack table, Wynn allowed 4 but some allowed 5. There are plexiglass barriers at all the tables, including craps, which makes it difficult to hear the dealer. For serious players, it’s still enjoyable, but if you’re the kind of player who enjoys playing at a lively table where you visit with other players then forget it — the games are a lot more subdued with the barriers.

I hope this little guide helps you to understand what Las Vegas is like now! I’ll be doing a follow up to what Las Vegas is like when you travel with a baby… and why I don’t necessarily recommend it. THANK YOU to Shopbop for sponsoring this post!  Wanting to get ready for your upcoming spring trip? Check out their dress shop, spring ready styles, swimsuit coverups, one-pieces, and bikinis.