“Mom jeans” has a new meaning to me these days…

Oh hey guys remember me? I’m back with a new post because let’s be honestly I’ve been consumed with being a mom lately. And speaking of the word, “mom” I must say that “mom jeans” has a whole new meaning to me. It’s all about covering up that new mum tum!

(But before I get into it… how funny is this picture of Nico in Levi’s? I had to share it!)

I’m lucky that getting back into my jeans hasn’t been too bad. I’m still not the same size but I’m sloooowly starting to fit back into my old jeans. (Even though they definitely don’t fit the same!) Since this is the case, I wanted to embrace my new shape and find some flattering denim to make myself feel stylish again. (Because let’s face it, some days are spent in my pjs… and not the cute ones haha.)

In my research I tried on around 20 pairs of jeans to find the ones that fit me best and below is my new mom designer denim round up!

The best “hold your tummy in” new mom rigid jeans

Sweater set from Reformation

While normally I would recommend something with plenty stretch I found that these rigid jeans really did hold in my new mom pooch. Also I gravitate towards anything with a high waist right now.

Best stretch jeans

How pretty is this bodysuit? Makes me so ready for summer!

Looking for a brand with plenty of stretch? Try Paige denim! This cropped pair is so soft too.

Most appropriately named denim

With a name like “Mother” I HAD to add these to my round up. (Fair warning, the name is meant to be a naughty play-on-words.) I have 5 pairs from them already — they have been a long time favorite of mine. Especially their high waisted styles. So flattering and comfortable too!

Need more inspiration? I love a good flare, and cropped denim is a short girls best friend.

Looking for a modern update? Try a pair of straight leg jeans. And for a more complete denim round up, check out this one from Shopbop.