celebrating Valentine’s Day at home (and what I asked my husband never to buy me)

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Valentine’s Day can be one of those love it or hate it holidays. Personally I’ve never been a huge fan of it. Not for any particular reason, I just always found it to be overhyped like New Year’s Eve. But the past couple years I have changed my perspective on the holiday. Instead of putting all this pressure on yourself (or on your partner) make it a day of celebrating the ones you love. Or let it be a holiday where you just do whatever YOU want! So here are some easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home…

Make it worth the gram.

Buy flowers for yourself, make your favorite dish, just do whatever you want and make it so special you want to photograph the damn thing. What I mean is that during this quarantine time we’ve all adapted to living in sweatpants… myself very much included! We’ve lost that feeling that makes things special. And just because we’re at home doesn’t mean it can’t be special.

My challenge to you…

This Valentine’s Day I challenge you do something special for yourself or someone you care about in your life. For me that means, a day of delicious food with husband and surprising Gran with something… I’m still deciding what that will be. As far as food goes, normally (before a kid and Covid) we would cook our favorite meal. Since that’s a little more difficult these day I’m thinking about ordering something special. Either getting delivery or something from Goldbelly. (You can even order from Ladurée!)

Flowers for yourself

easy ways to celebrate Valentine's Day at home...
Early on in our relationship I told my husband never bother buying me flowers. Honestly I prefer to buy them for myself!

What’s cooking

We’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to eat this Valentine’s Day. And with a new baby it’s definitely going to be delivery.

Breakfast in bed is alway good in theory…

I’ve always loved the idea of breakfast in bed… except someone has to make it! Good thing we now have Postmates, Uber Eats, and Grubhub now.

Easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

Create a flower arrangement for yourself or surprise a friend/family.

Make your favorite elaborate cocktail, drink or buy your favorite bottle of wine (like I needed an excuse haha!)

Do a fun baking project with your family or completely treat yourself to something like Milk Bar.

Zoom a Galentine’s party — gather all your girlfriends, grab a drink, and catch up.

Online classes — sign up for something different. It could be anything from cooking classes to dance classes. One thing I’ve been wanting to check out is Masterclass!

My Valentine’s crew…

Not pictured… Gran, Roxy, and Georgie!